Curtin gets funding under AsiaBound Grants Programme


ASIA LITERATE: The Peoples and Cultures of Borneo 101 Intensive Short Course will include field trips with indigenous communities.

ASIA LITERATE: The Peoples and Cultures of Borneo 101 Intensive Short Course will include field trips with indigenous communities.

MIRI: Curtin University Sarawak has secured funding for two project proposals under the AsiaBound Grants Programme 2014.


The projects are ‘Professional Practice in Primary Education: An exposure to different cultural environments in Sarawak’ and ‘The Peoples and Cultures of Borneo 101 Intensive Short Course’.


In a statement yesterday, Curtin said funding for the two projects is part of the total A$37 million grant for projects carried out over the next five years.


It is to encourage some 3,600 Australian students each year to enrol in short-term mobility programmes in Asia such as internships, clinical placements, study tours, research trips or volunteer projects for up to six months.


Students receive a first-hand study experience of Asia besides increasing partnerships between Australian and Asian higher education and vocational institutions.


Meanwhile, the project on education for Curtin Sarawak aims to provide a practical experience to students specialising in primary education at the Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University’s main campus at Bentley in Perth, Western Australia.


Students engage in a three-week programme that will take place in various schools in Miri including in rural areas.


The project on Cultures of Borneo on the other hand is offered as an elective to students from any faculty.


It is an introductory course that provides a broad background description of the geo-cultural and social make-up of Borneo (Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan).


On top of that, it covers significant phases in the socio-historical evolution of Borneo such as the Brooke rule, Japanese occupation and British colonialism.


The two-week course is supplemented with interactive experiences, including field trips with indigenous community members.


Students will engage in traditional cultural practices such as beading, weaving, dancing and the tasting of traditional foods.


Capitalising on Borneo’s exotic image, this course caters to the youth adventure tourism sector and the education tourism sector for students based in Western Australia.


The course encourages students to become more Asia-literate through the combination of authentic interactions with local communities, outdoor activities and interactive lectures.

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