Authentic Japanese ramen, affordable prices

By Anna Vivienne

A FAVORITE: The eponymous fried noodles.

A FAVORITE: Fried noodles seem to be popular in cuisines the world over.

AT any Japanese eatery, you’d invariably find sushi and sashimi on the menu but not at the Yamagoya Ramen in Kota Kinabalu.

This Japanese restaurant, situated along Gaya Street, serves ramen (Japanese noodles) instead — with nary a sushi or a sashimi in sight.

“There may be a little variation to the palate but overall, it is not too foreign for local taste,” explained Jacky Tung, spokesperson for the outlet which opened in June.

“I must say we are having very good response from the public,” he added.

The Yamagoya ramen, after which the restaurant is named, is an exotic dish that takes pride of place on the menu. Topped with char siu, it is a must-try with its own unique taste as opposed to the normal noodle soup.

PRETTY: Delicately sliced char siew.

PRETTY: The delicately sliced char siu.

The Miso ramen, on the other hand, is uniquely Japanese. The noodles are typically thick, curly and slightly chewy – just the right mix for a delicious noodle soup.

Then there is the Mukashi special ramen — a bowl of goodness, topped with char siu and the famed eggs which are marinated for two days and then boiled.

This method of cooking ensures the egg white is cooked hard while the yolk remains deliciously soft.

The pork katsu — a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet –  comes with shredded cabbage and one egg.

Next, the fried chicken which looks quite common at first glance, actually tastes very good, and should thus be given more than just a cursory glance.

Overall, the restaurant serves authentic Japanese ramen with a commendable array of varieties. There should be 73 items, including drinks.

“We acquire almost all our ingredients from Japan – so here we’re serving authentic Japanese dishes like all our Yamagoya Ramen outlets,” Jacky shared.

The Yamagoya Ramen is certainly a restaurant to explore and enjoy. It’s a franchise with 140 outlets in various countries, including Malaysia.

GREAT: Satisfied diners at Yamagoya.

GREAT: Satisfied diners at Yamagoya.



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