Don’t cry with Vaults’ debut single

"Cry No More" from Vaults

“Cry No More” from Vaults

Mysterious London group Vaults have caused a huge splash in the indie music pool with their debut single “Cry No More.”

As is the fashion among indie/alt groups these days, particularly those from London, very little is known about Vaults. The band has gone to great lengths to minimize its social media presence, having posted (as of Sept 5) just one tweet (, the one song “Cry No More” on Soundcloud and next to nothing on Facebook ( Even the group’s official website ( is sparse in the extreme.

What is known about them, however, is that they are female-fronted and have caused a huge buzz with the release of their debut single.

Why the buzz?
“Cry No More” has an element of London Grammar, one of this year’s hottest bands, and Florence and the Machine. The track has been described as “chilling” (Listen Before You Buy); music blog Sunset In The Rearview called it “gorgeous, a bit dark, and has a pinch of innocence” and EarMilk called it “a cinematic ballad, which slowly crescendos into a powerful indie electro-pop song.”

Where to see?
Currently no tour dates have been announced, but keep an eye on the previously mentioned Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.


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