How do I get over my ex-boyfriend?

Dear YourSay,

It’s been a few months since my boyfriend dumped me. We were together for two years on and off. He dumped me three times. He made up to me the first two times so I thought when he dumped me the last time it wouldn’t be for long.

But then he started going out with the girlfriend he was seeing before me, and I see them almost everyday together. He used to say she was boring which was why he dumped her, but now that they’re together again, is there something wrong with me? I also lost my friends because he said they were talking about me behind my back. Now I’m alone. What do I do?



Dear SC,

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you chose to get back with this guy for the third time. Usually, the terms ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ or ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but fool me trice…’ would apply.

You should honestly ask yourself what is it about him that attracts you, or rather what is it about you that enjoys rejection.

It would seem that you are convinced that your friends care a great deal about this guy. Perhaps you should really question if they are your friends or his. You should start surrounding yourself with people who really matter to you and care about your well being. Generally, people who care about you would not desert you when you are in need.

In any case, what do the readers think? Is SC really a hopeless romantic or should she start making new friends. Let us know in the forum below.


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