Lecturer looking forward to The Borneo Post Run 2013

GET SET, GO!: A file photo of the fl ag-off of The Borneo Post Run last year.

GET SET, GO!: A file photo of the fl ag-off of The Borneo Post Run last year.

SIBU: Lecturer Wong Kien Kuok is looking forward to make new friends at The Borneo Post Run 2013 on Aug 31 at Town Square Phase 1 here.

Wong, 40, who has only started participating actively in marathons for about a year said the run was a good place to meet other runners and get advice from veteran runners.

“I’m not aiming for the prize, I am just looking forward to run with other marathoners, and just have fun. It is fun running with other people,” he enthused.

The lecturer at Swinburne University of Sarawak, Kuching, has decided to enter the run because he will be in Sibu on the date of the run.

“I will be home at that time, so why not join it for the fun of it,” he said.

“I’ve been running 5km every day on a five-day week schedule.

“I’m usually alone, and it’s sometimes boring running alone,” he said.

He has already seen benefits in running regularly.

“I used to have pains in the joints, but the pains have disappeared gradually after I have taken to running,” he noted.

Wong’s passion for long distance running had led him to research on the internet for the benefits of running, the proper way to run and the right shoes to wear.

“People always say that running will hurt your knees, or your ankles, but I say it is the other way round if only people run properly,” he pointed out.

Wong found inspiration in a 62-year-old man whom he met at a previous marathon.

“It amazed me that at the age of 62, he could still do it and he is very strong. Looking at him, I thought to myself that I want to have a strong and healthy body for at least another 20 years,” he said.

Asked about his preparation for The Borneo Post run, he said he trained every day, sometimes running 15km a day.

“But, again, my purpose of entering the run is to have fun,” he reiterated.


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