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    The idea for The Borneo Post SEEDS began about a year ago, first as an idea as a weekly print-publication, and then more recently as a website.

    Our mission is to give young adults a voice and a face in the news, and the chance to tell us what's relevant to them whether it's through this site's forums, email, our Facebook and twitter pages.

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  • Hercules fighting the Nemean lion as one of his 12 labours depicted in The Bibliotheca. Screencapture from Hercules Official Trailer (MGM, Paramount Pictures)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Hercules

    By Patricia Hului @pattbpseeds WITH A CAPE MADE of a lion’s head, the recently released Hercules is not likely to start a new trend in the fashion industry. Yes, Hercules is back again on the cinema screen, this time played by former WWE professional wrestler, The Rock. I bet some of you might be going, “Not another Hercules movie!”, because how many times has Hollywood attempted to resurrect this demigod in the physique of an overly muscular bulky actor?     Under the direction of Brent Ratner who also directed the Rush Hour film series and X-Men: The Last Stand, Paramount Pictures, this time MGM’s Hercules is based on the graphic novel ‘Hercules: The Thracian Wars’. In this version of Hercules, the film starts by telling the legend of Hercules (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) which most of us are
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    Termiaw, My Tuxedo Cat

    The Animal Lovers series is a humble avenue to promote kindness and compassion towards animals, and to inspire others with the stories of the bond and love between a human and their animal.   By Karen Chin @karenevachin   A FEW YEARS BACK, my ex-husband and I came home to find one of our cats, quietly curled up in a pail, had given birth. Sticking out like a sore thumb was a little kitten who came into this world ceremoniously and well-dressed, wearing a tuxedo.     Here are some tuxedo cat facts: 1. They are called tuxedo cats because of their fur markings; mainly composed of a black coat in a shape of a tuxedo and some white around the face, neck, belly and paws (giving the appearance of wearing socks). 2. Research says that tuxedo cats can be
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  • From: http://www.wwf.org.my/about_wwf/what_we_do/forests_main/heart_of_borneo/

    Building a wildlife corridor in the..

     By Danielle Sendou Ringgit @danitbpseeds   JUST LAST FEBRUARY, a report on the sighting of the rarely seen Clouded Leopards on Mount Santubong immediately sparked excitement among nature-lovers. Secretive and solitary, it is rather difficult to study this creature as they are rarely seen anywhere in the forest and studying them can be challenging. With a distinctive black and greyish patterned fur coat, over 2 metres in length and weighing up to 25 kg, this rare and exotic creature is severely threatened by hunting and loss of its forest habitats. In November last year, according to Borneo Bulletin, a spotted clouded leopard was caught slipping into human habitat in Brunei when it was spotted by security guards roaming around a facility before they called the authorities. Thankfully, the leopard was caught and safely released into the wild. Sadly, this wasn’t
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Termiaw, My Tuxedo Cat


Underprivileged children treated to breaking of fast, ‘duit raya’




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