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    The idea for The Borneo Post SEEDS began about a year ago, first as an idea as a weekly print-publication, and then more recently as a website.

    Our mission is to give young adults a voice and a face in the news, and the chance to tell us what's relevant to them whether it's through this site's forums, email, our Facebook and twitter pages.

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    More adventures with Fulbright Programme’s ETAs!

    By Angelina Jefary   A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Confucius   A year older, a year wiser and here came another adventure! Things had slowly changed since the 2014 batch of English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) went back to America. Change is hard but sometimes it’s what we need in life to keep rolling. I knew I was going to miss them so much but with news of a 2015 batch of ETAs coming, I got excited to meet them! The first batch of Sarawak ETAs truly prepared and summed up what I would be facing for the next 10 months with the 2015 batch. The 2015 batch of ETAs landed in Kuching on January 19 and began their state orientation from Jan 20-26 before their mentors brought them to their respective schools to
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  • With the SI team at the KAA centre.

    Being a teacher for six weeks..

    By Vreni Bron Medicine Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.   In September and October this year, I was part of Global Citizen, which is a part of AIESEC, an international student organisation which gives students from all over the world the opportunity to develop themselves and contribute something to our planet. For me, as a girl form The Netherlands, that opportunity was volunteering at Kuching Autistic Association (KAA) in Kuching, Malaysia. KAA is a non-governmental organisation; it gives a chance to individuals with autism, most of them kids, to develop themselves and learn.     They state their mission as follows: to train autistic persons from infant stage to adult stage to be able to be useful, independently and to have an economically productive life; to empower parents to train their children with autism. It is a truly wonderful
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    The art of ‘Bian Lian’

    By Danielle Sendou Ringgit danielleringgit@theborneopost.com @danitbpseeds   From the brightly coloured masks and costumes to the performer’s rapid movements set to dramatic music, it isn’t hard to see why the art of ‘Bian Lian’ is captivating. On November 18th, local ‘Bian Lian’ performer Edmond Wong Yik Tze treated the audience to a small performance before he began his talk: ‘Bian Lian’, The Art of Mask Changing of Chinese community’. A 300-year-old Chinese tradition, ‘Bian Lian’ is originally part of the Sichuan Opera.       With a different, brightly-coloured mask to depict different characters such as the general, or a monk in their performance, Edmond said that his favourite character was the Monkey God. “That is because you have to act extremely funny along with adding some characteristics of a monkey so that the audience will recognise that is the
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