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    The idea for The Borneo Post SEEDS began about a year ago, first as an idea as a weekly print-publication, and then more recently as a website.

    Our mission is to give young adults a voice and a face in the news, and the chance to tell us what's relevant to them whether it's through this site's forums, email, our Facebook and twitter pages.

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    • PERTUMPUAN: Senusa Sejiwa on 19 Jun 2014


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    Calling all young talented bands throughout..

    By Patricia Hului @pattbpseeds   THE ONE SARAWAK YOUTH BAND Challenge 2014 is opening up their entries to young talented bands to battle it out and win amazing cash prizes! Speaking in a press conference held here in Kuching on Aug 19, Youth Development (Urban) Assistant Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Hamzah said, “This event was mooted by Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom Minister of Social Development and was aimed to be a platform for youths between the ages of 15 to 40 to showcase the talent through music.”     The band challenge is expected to draw more than 250 bands from throughout Sarawak. “Judging for the whole event will be conducted by renowned Malaysian artists. Efforts are being made to secure artists like Edry KRU, Rahim Maarof, songstress Syafinaz Selamat and guitarist Zulkif from Headwind to be judges for
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  • hungry ghost p3

    A month to pay your respects..

    By Danielle Sendou Ringgit @danitbpseeds   THE HUNGRY GHOST MONTH has always fascinated me as a child. Even though I do not observe what I think is one of the most intriguing and thrilling festivals there is, that does not stop me from being fascinated by it. It is during this time that when you walk around town, when you may notice people burning some paper and lightning incense and joss sticks by the side of the road, in front of their houses or shops. Although the idea of the ghosts of our ancestors roaming around town excites me, I hope not to stumble upon one, and it is advisable to not do a few things during that month. This year, Hungry Ghost Month started July 27 and will end on Aug 24.     Among the donts throughout this
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  • Naroden (third left) received token of appreciation from Adiman (second left) for officiating the event.

    Virtual stores next big thing for..

    By Patricia Hului @pattbpseeds   TWENTY YEARS AGO, having a store meant having to pay rent, electric and water bills for the lot and all the maintenance that goes into renting a retail outlet. Today, having a store will only cost you a computer and good internet connection. Throughout 2013, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) together with .my Domain Registry, Google and iTrain introduced Get Malaysian Business Online (GMBO) to help 50,000 small and medium enterprises (SME) go online.     One of the GMBO grant receivers was Hajarinawati Othman, founder of Kedai Ummie, who was invited to share the success of her virtual story at the ‘Seminar Transformasi Usahawan Jalur Lebar’ organised by MCMC together with Persatuan Usahawan Wawasan Wanita Sarawak (Saranita) on Aug 9 at Yayasan Sarawak auditorium.     Due to a sore throat however, Hajarinawati
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A month to pay your respects to the departed


Move up the career ladder with Asia E University


Calling all young talented bands throughout Sarawak!


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